Program not responding-stuck in trial window

Hi All! I am having a specific issue with opening hype 4- I have been using a trial version until my department can get (and has since gotten) a pro license.

Yesterday after opening the program once (ended up to force quitting due to other issues (moving around a large .png sequence)) it will not open completely again, Hype is stuck on the trial window and will not respond. I have tried opening it through a specific hype 4 file as well as from the applications folder, deleting and re-downloading hype 4 and its associated folders, restarting the computer, and lastly I have tried waiting for quite some time to see if it just needed a moment.

Now that we have the new license I can input the serial number, however with the program not responding at any point it is impossible to input the serial number…

using macOS Mojave v 10.14.5.

Anyone else run into a similar issue?

Solution found- just in case anyone else runs into this issue:

downloaded app “delete apps” delete hype 4 (it will find all associated files). On re-download there is no freezing or response issue~

To follow up the root of the hang was that Hype will still open documents in the background when showing the unlock window, so if there is an extremely big one that takes minutes to open, that would lead to Hype appearing to be hung.