Product promo on manufacturer's site

I created this some time ago - a Hype-heavy site for a hardwood shutter company. I had completely forgotten about it.

Scroll down a bit on the home page to the "Custom Elegance" section. Depending on section, it has a couple of levels of interactivity, with a lot of auto-positioning relative elements.

On the following page I created a "four seasons" scrolling effect, beginning with a basic twilight transition - again with just basic Hype and no JS:

Somewhere on the site I created an interactive 3-D style element, totally in bare bones hype.

I haven't touched the site since 2017 and I see that a couple of things have become wonky. There were some great Hype cartoon animations on the videos page that now aren't working. Too bad.

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I remember the shutter animations :slight_smile:. Unfortunately there's no way to predict how future browsers may change; you may want to just try re-exporting the .hype document in Hype v4.1.5 and it might be the case that Hype worked around these issues. As it is, I don't seem to see any Hype documents on the videos page other than the bottom banner, so it is hard to give more advice. Did you take them down?

Thanks Johathan. This is old stuff. It is a company being run into the ground by an idiot. I’m not going to fix anything. But the stuff that still works includes some good examples of basic non-JS stuff.

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