Producing and showing HTML with images and word wrap

Is there an easy way to achieve the above.
Ideally create the text element with images ( and have the words wrap around the images.
Is there a Mac program I could use to do the layout and then copy and paste the HTML into hype.

Or another method ?


Have a rect, with its innerHTML as such.

The <div class="felem"> </div> will be our floating element, which is controlled by css in the Head.

css code:

    	.felem {  
      float: left!important;
      shape-outside: circle(50%)!important;
       width: 208px!important;
      height: 208px!important;

The key css is float and shape-outside

The image , in this case, is given a radius to make it round. And is the same size as the felem div.
The image is just then place over the same spot as the felem div.

And the rect and image are then grouped. (130.6 KB)