PROBLEMS with Web browsers in Windows

In all the web browsers on my Mac, the HTML files created by Hype there work perfectly but, when I see them on Windows, in any kind of web browsers, the HTML file looks like horrible; It does not respect the fonts and sizes. Although the fonts are included in the project, the html file or the web browser are not using them.
I need any solution for this, please!

Are there any errors in the browser's developer console? That's usually the first place I look when I'm having trouble with a particular browser or operating system.

Just a rough guess, but perhaps the fonts didn't actually make it over. If you tried uploading it to a server, maybe the server was like — nope! So, using the developer console might show if there are issues with loading the fonts.

There are no errors in console.
Can anybody give me another thing to try, please?

I do not why, but it is changing the right font Futura in the html file, by Helvetica...

You might be hitting this issue: Export of Tumult inbuilt fonts

Finally I understood that, the font menu has many ways to show the type of content so, if you are making web content, you have to select the Web option in this menu. Once selected, only fonts that can work in web works will appear, so if I need to use a font that is not in the list I have to add it. The best way to find web fonts is on Google fonts. Fortunately, I was able to find similar fonts in Google fonts and finish my work avoiding run out of nice fonts.