Problems with Timeline

Good afternoon everybody!

I am creating a kind of infographic using Hype but I have some problems with buttons and timelines.
In this infographic there are four buttons that should start a different timeline but if I click on one of these for more than once, it goes crazy and hides a part of the scene!
I attached part of my work (because of the size) to make you understand better the problem.
I hope to find a solution with your help!
Thanks in advance. (2.1 MB)


Hi and Welcome to the Forum!

There maybe other issues but one item stuck out… (2.1 MB)

When the “Stop moving” timeline is triggered the “Display” property is set to “Hidden” for both the “phones” image and the “light” image. Please see screen shot below: “light” image > “Display” set to “Hidden”.

The "Display" setting ("Visible") was not then reset for the appropriate image on the "Phones" and "Light" timelines after the "Stop moving" timeline was done. This visibility was not an issue when the project first opened because these images were visible by default.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Solving this problem has helped me to solve others too!
Your help was essential!

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