Problems with switching between timelines

Hello everyone

I have made this infographic and i am pretty happy about, but i would very much like to be able to disable a timelines when another button and thereby another timeline is activated. I cant seem to figure this out. I dont want them to overlap. I hope you can help me out. Im not a programmer. Just trying this tumult hype thing out :slight_smile:

Casper (388.2 KB) (388.2 KB)

Interesting zip, with no Hype file. :grin:

But I think I can help without it, I hope.

What you can do is put actions on your buttons to move/set all the timelines BUT the one you need to time 0 (null) when they are clicked. Depending on how you set things up you might even do a “continue time line reverse” action so you have smooth transitions but that takes some tinkering if it gets complex.

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Something like this. (17.0 KB)

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You can “reassemble” a Hype document from an exported HTML set-up.

With the Hype app open go to “Help” menu > “Restore Document from Export” and select the Hype document’s exported “hyperesources” folder. The “Create restorable document file when exporting” option in Hype’s General preferences or in the Advanced Export pane must be selected for recovering a Hype project in this fashion.

@JimScott :astonished: Blimey! No idea that was possible! Thanks for that little gem. :grin:

Hey! Thank you. I didn’t know i had to upload the actual HYPE file. I’ll do it right now. I think i have built it it up in another way than you. In a more dumb way. Maybe you have a quick fix for it? :slight_smile: (209.9 KB)

He, :grinning: this is Hype, there are (I think) no dumb ways just many roads that ‘lead to Rome’.
You’re close but you’ve noticed that if you click 48% then 3% then 48% again 3% remains on top.

I’m a bit busy with some Hype things I barely grasp myself, so I don’t have time right now (maybe someone else?) but my solution would be the one I provided earlier, when you activate 1 timeline move the others back to zero.

Good luck!


Yeah. Im trying to stay away from code as much as possible :smiley:

Thank you for your time!