Problems with Font's Subscription

I’m exporting a document from Hype 3, using my subscription (STANDARD) but in one document I receive this alert… Why? Upgrade your plan to publish Aptifer® Slab (1 font), Freight Big Pro (1 font), Aptifer® Sans (1 font), Olivier (1 font), Bruschetta (1 font) and Aeonis™ (1 font)

I use the same solution with other documents, without problems, looks like is a problem with “this” font set (I’m testing some fonts for a project, and I’m using a lot of version…)

I asked to font’s support and this is the answer:

I can confirm that your account is correctly subscribed to our Standard plan and has access to all of our service’s available web fonts. For assistance with problems that occur within a separate application such as Hype 3, you will need to contact the application’s support staff.

Can you help me? :smiley: -)


(I shot you an email asking for some personal info so we can figure it out with Monotype)