Problems w/re-directed hyperlinks using Onelink in Hype Reflect App

So I’m using onelink to natively redirect android/iOS users to the proper app purchase page. The problem is that the links don’t work when I try to test them in the Hype Reflect app. When I try to preview it the regular safari web browser, everything works fine. The Hype Reflect App seems to accept all other regular web links except the Onelink for some reason. I’m not sure if it is a bug or why it doesn’t work??? The hyperlinks are in the “Sea Ad” part of my project. See attached google drive link to test project:

It is basically a bug/missing feature in Reflect. iOS apps using the system’s WKWebView need to do special handling to open external links, and Reflect isn’t doing this. If it works in Mobile Safari and Mobile Safari is your target, then you should be good.

So you’re saying that if it is working in Mobile Safari that it should work in the final export to html5? We plan to embed the html 5 folder into the Xcode-project file which we will then submit to Apple.

Also Note: I’m getting issues with Reflect showing inline video as not autoplaying and also showing video player controls. See the Buffalo video not playing automatically in Reflect however in Safari it autoplays without controls as it should. Is this a bug with Reflect or some other issue??? Here is the link:

If your end goal is to embed this in an Xcode project, then the best platform for testing is with the ‘Simulator’ app as a built app in Xcode. Safari will better emulate what you should see in production compared to Hype Reflect, but the ideal testing platform will be the actual target for your app.

The video plays correctly for me in Hype Reflect (with no controls). (I’m on iOS 13.5.1)

Likewise to @Daniel it also autoplays inline without controls for me; feel free to give more details about your configuration (model, ios version, hype version). In regards to your document you should not treat Reflect or Safari as accurate to your app - instead you will need to make your own WKWebView and configure that correctly to test.