Problem with symbol for size and reproduction

I realized that Simbolo does not let me change the size of an element in different scenes. For example: I want to create a TV platform has a scene with a symbol with a video with the small size and another scene in same symbol but bigger. that allow same time playback in two scenes.

But they do not allow me as the way to group.

I hope to fix it quickly. Thank you

I do not know if you can do something similar iframe for playback at the same time in any scenes

The “outside” containing element size is a property of the parent. But inside the symbol, you can expand the individual elements, or add to a group and scale them.

It does not work either

If you hold ⌘ while dragging the corner of the symbol (make sure you are not ‘inside’ the symbol while you do this) you can change the ‘scale’ of the symbol. This does not adjust the size of the element inside of the symbol, but as Jonathan mentioned the ‘containing element size’. Here’s an example:

symbol (17.0 KB)

Great, it works well for me. I do not know anything that I have to press with CMD button. The only thing I need is that you can play the same time in two scenes. Not separated.

Imagine that I’m going to see three different videos and two small ones and a bigger one. Change size for each scene at the same playing time. It’s very cool