Problem with size animations - Shaking

(sam) #1

Hi there,

I have problems with objects and animation in sizing. As you can see in this link the title in the banner on top of the site (you might disable adblock) “The Neon Deamon” shakes while getting bigger. Only with fast animation I’ll get a smoother animation, but still shaking a bit. With slow animation it is worse.

Any kind of tip would be great :slight_smile:


Hmm the ad showing for me is for Orange is the New Black – can you share a direct link to the HTML?

(sam) #3

Oh sorry,

our campaign manager deactivated the testlink by mistake.

It should work now again


I’m having similar issues with scaling groups that have nested elements that animate by scale. They look very stuttery in chrome but via smooth in safari not sure what gives? I haven’t found a fix yet.


The 1720px wide image may be the issue. You may be able to eliminate the stuttering if you split that image in half [quote=“saico, post:1, topic:7120”]
“The Neon Deamon” shakes while getting bigger.

You may have better performance using a ‘Scale’ animation – this animates only two properties, while your animation may be animating four separate properties: (124.7 KB)

You can set scale while recording by holding ⌘ while you resize.

(sam) #6

That fixed it :slight_smile:.
The ‘Scale’ Animation; the large image was not the problem.

Thank you very much. Did not think about scaling. Anoher benefit is that it scales from the center!
With the size animation you have to set the right position as well.

Thanks again!

(Dennis van Leeuwen) #7

So Daniel, I did give the scale a test. But I must do a 3rd Transition. Top position also. And the combination of 3 Transitions makes the image stutter in alle browsers.