Problem with organized assets

When exporting to a folder for the first time, there’s no problem. The second time a new folder with the same name is created in the existing folder, although it should be overwritten.

1: hypeFile A exported to Folder Y ->Enclosing folder X-> files
2: hypeFile A exported to Folder Y ->Enclosing folder X-> Enclosing folder X -> files

I am not getting that with my version.

I have the same view as you, but is doesn’t replace.
I’m on Catalina 10.15.3

Ah, Mojave.

This could be a bug depending on the export content… Do you mind sending a zip of the .hype document you’re working with to It would also be useful if I could get screen capture using Command-Shift-5.

If you have some extra time, it would be also useful to know if this happens with a minimal/empty document for you.


Will do on Saturday

Sorry for the confusion. My bad. I renamed a folder that I shouldn’t. Old brains :thinking: