Problem with Nasa 3D-Content

Hi all, this is a shortcut to the Nasa 3D-Animation of the Mars-Rover Perseverance - part of one of my latest infographics. Some of my colleagues told me, that they have problems with loading and viewing the animation in Firefox (Win) (sometimes in Chrome, too - first run). Can anybody confirm that? Same with the original URL at the Nasa website:

I´m on a Mac and it works in Firefox as well as in Chrome and Safari.

The animation is embedded via HTML-Widget (iFrame didn´t work for some reason…)

Thanks in advance, Kalle

In Firefox for this page: I see this error:

So I think at least one of the issues is you are loading some content over http and some over https.

Hei Daniel, thank for that, will check that… But - the problem exists obviously even if you just try to view the original animation at Nasa. This seems to be a problem with Firefox and the 3D-Model…

I think you should report the issue here:, there seem to be a few issues with Firefox. (Make sure you include OS + Browser version info and steps to reproduce)

Works great for me, but I’m on a Mac.

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