Problem with image "expand to fill" layout πŸ€”

I tried many ways how to keep image full width on different types of screens.
In my project I want to have an image 100% width.
Problem is when screen is bigger, other objects in project will overlay this image.
Is here any solution how to solve this problem?

Here is picture what I mean:

And here is my Hype project: (1.9 MB)

you have to group them or create a symbol and set the scaling facts.

@strmiska :smiley: What exactly do you mean?
Maybe you can add your project :slight_smile:

hereΒ΄s what you want. (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (366,1 KB)

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But what about if I want to create scallable website?
I mean more content.

you can create a layout for every screen an d put the content in a persistant symbol.
more info: