Problem with HTML widget embedding form

Hello, when I incorporate the google form into html widget, on ipad, every time you try to insert a given in the fields, the page continues to scroll to top. With safari that does not happen so I think it’s a problem with the HTML WIDGET. The problem I found in the latest released version of hype. Before did not show any problem. Solution?

It’d be useful to post a zip of the .hype document in question. HTML Widgets/iframes themselves won’t cause arbitrary scrolling, but it could be the case your specific one is calling code to scroll to the top. (319,0 KB)
Thanks Jon, here’s the .hype file.

You got me there! I’m not sure what the cause it; it wasn’t always reproducible for me, but I did see it a few times as well.

My best guess would be to try changing the Content Overflow setting in the Metrics inspector from Scrollbars to Visible. As it is an iframe it will display its own scrollers when needed. I couldn’t reproduce it with this setting, but that may have just been coincidence; it is the only thing that sticks out for me.