Problem with Firefox version 33

Last year I made some infographics HTML for books that were built in Cover Page. Now we are migrating to another platform, and the html that work fine in the old books; in the new platform ( appears as blank. They don’t work.

They told us this:

Interactive resource problem in Windows app. - We use Firefox browser ver. 33 component within our Windows app to render the epub and its HTML content. As per our investigation, it is the compatibility issue of this HTML component with the Firefox browser ver 33. We need to modify the HTML content to make it compatible with Firefox to make it work as we can’t modify the Windows app integrated Firefox component neither could update the version. If you could work out on HTML component to make it Firefox ver. 33 compatible then the problem could be solved.

Is there an specific problem between Firefox v33 and Hype that is causing this problems?

Hi Paula,

The latest version of Firefox is 64, version 33 was released Oct, 2014. I think it’s irresponsible that they have not updated the embedded browser in their system for over four years.

What is Cover Page?

Can you share the Hype document that’s not working well in Firefox 33? You can download Firefox 33 here:

I just tested a number of items in our gallery with v33 and everything seems to work well.

Hi Daniel!
Thanks for your answer.
Yeah, we think the same, but the problem is that we’ve been working with Magic and now that the apps are ready we encountered this problems.

This type of animations is causing us problems

So as to CoverPage, don’t worry. It’s the platform we used last year. This and the new one Magic are platforms to create book and magazines, and distribute them.

Thanks again

I exported this doc and opened it in Firefox 33 and it looks great:

Are you able to view any debug information or open developer tools for the app? That would tell you what the specific error is and why it’s not displaying.

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