Problem with export of GIF and video from Hype 3.5.2 - SOLVED

Hello. I have a ten second animation with a size of 1200px x 600px and it is composed of a half dozen png files with transparency (everything except the background) and some text layers. I wanted to export as a GIF or video but the software seems to take forever to process (the preview windows shows endless loops) and then nothing is created and the software seems to pause or crash.

You can see the animation here:

It has occurred to me that if I want to go further with this kind of output I probably should turn to Adobe software like After Effects, but I started this in Hype and I’m keen to maximize the potential of the software.

Any help or advice about these two kinds of export would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Solution (thank you Jonathan!): By default the export length is set to 5 minutes. I had to change it to ten seconds and now everything is fine. GIF looks terrible but movie is good.


The GIF library we’re using is the OS X system default one; really not the best. I’d like to use a different library in the future. My recommendation if you’re not happy with the results is to export as a PNG sequence and then use different GIF animation software.