Problem with Chrome to show the image

Hi there
i have a problem that some images didn’t appear when i run the exported HTML file on chrome while it is appearing in Safari and firefox, Can any one tell me how to solve this case?

can you provide any hypefile, export, url …¿ (686.1 KB)

when you tested it on safari you will see 2 images of kids, while there didn’t appear on Chrome

well i see a bunch of 404-errors in the console, so sthg. is definitly not ok.
you’ve sended just an export. seems you’ve used an exportscript or sthg. other of a kind.

providing the hypefile would give more insight.

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While it is true there are a lot of 404 errors, this looks like it is a chrome rendering issue. As @h_classen said it would be useful to see a zip of your .hype document.

My recommendations would be to avoid 3D rotations on those elements and/or try unchecking Use WebKit Graphics Acceleration in the Document Inspector and see if that makes a difference.

Note there was a similar report displaying PNGs in chrome and that is definitely a rendering issue:

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