Problem with audio in an app

Hi everybody!
I’ve using Hype so that I can improve some books we are making in Coverage app. So far it’s been performing great, animation and interaction of the HTML5. I export the Html5 from Hype and then embebed this in the Coverage app.
But I tried to use an audio in the html5, and it doesn’t work in Coverage (not only the audio, but also it corrupt the html), either the scene has missing elements or all the document appears blank. I tried mp3 and OGA, but none of them works.
I know that you might not have knowledge of the CP app I’m using, but do you have any thoughts on what might be the problem with the audio that causes the HTML5 to break?
I hope that you can help me with this.

Hi Paula!

Have You tried “.mp4” (".m4a")?

Hi Jim!
I tried .mp4 and it doesn’t show the video in Coverage, it’s like I didn’t put one in the HTML5.

I’m not familiar with Coverage nor can I find information about what it might be with google searches like “coverage html5”. Can you provide a link to the technology? Does it provide any sort of error console that might be logging issues?

As far as audio goes, it probably depends on the app and the context that it creates. My assumption would be that it is probably a shell around a WebView on iOS, and in that case it can make certain choices in how it wants audio to play, such as disabling autoplay. If you have a button that when tapped is set to play audio, does that work?

It might also be useful to see a zip of your .hype document and the export along with Coverage files.

Hi, Jonathan,
This is coverage software
You download their software and use it to add images, videos, html5, etc, and then uploaded it to the app.
Here you can download my project, the html folder, and the Coverpage file with the embebed html.

I just added to a button the audio, no more than that and it’s blank in the coverage review (and also in the app). The problem is not just that it doesn’t reproduce the audio but also it corrupts the html, that’s why it shows empty.

Oh sorry, I forgot. In the html, you have to press the fish “Escamas” so that it shows you the gallery and the audio button.

I know this is a post of '17 … but i have the same problem of Paula.

Did you fix the issue? I have a really simple scene test with only two buttons: “start music” & " stop music"… i can listen sound in safari and chrome preview, but no at all into ipad preview… i tried both an old ipad with ios 9, and a new ipad with the last ios.

What can i do? It’s really important for may next projects…

Thanks a lot for your help.

To clarify, are you using the coverpageapp as well, or is this more general?

Please do make sure you are using the latest Hype v3.6.7. Also feel free to send a zip of your sample .hype document and instructions on how you are testing on iOS.