Problem when looping animation

Hey, I’m a Hype user since 2 weeks and I’m still pretty amazed by it’s features.

Recently I had problems with exporting an looped animation to html.
It already worked in other animations I did, but if i open this specific file in my browser objects will start disappearing in the second run-through.
I used the timeline actions tool to repeat the main timeline.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I’m not good at coding by the way :smiley:

Thanks and regards

That’s odd – can you share a document? Does it happen in all browsers or only certain browsers?

There is a known issue with some animations working incorrectly after a Safari tab has been hidden (due to app nap) but I haven’t heard of this specific issue.

Thanks a lot,
I could send you a file, but it’s a client project so it would be nice to do this unofficially.
So can I have your mail or something similar please?