Problem running an animation

I have created a symbol that has a few buttons in it.
I place this off the scene.
I have an animation that moves the symbol onto the scene.(showMenu)
In the scene I have 2 buttons
Button 1 (red button on left) plays animation showMenu
Button 2 (red button on right) plays animation showMenu in reverse.

This all works as expected.

I have a button in the symbol (X) that also plays showMenu in reverse

When I use this button I get some erratic behaviour.

Please see

It’s hard to tell from your URL exactly what calls you are making. Can you share your .zip Hype document? It’s looks like your logic is ok but you are probably making to many calls for the show menu animation and probably in the wrong places. Also using startTimeline instead of perhaps continueTimeline. If you can share your document I’m sure someone will be able to help. (1.6 MB)

Please see attached zip file (hopefully).

As you can see the buttons on the scene work okay but the button within the menu causes the problem.


Steve Warby

Here is a cleaned up version of your document. Study it and have a look at what I’ve done. I’ve just kept the menu as a persistent symbol (so you can use on all scenes) and the rest are just groups. I’ve added the second scene and updated the links in the menu accordingly. As guessed there was a problem with not using continueTimeline instead of start in some cases but I’ve also created custom behaviours to toggle the symbol showMenu timeline. As I’ve said study it and see how everything works. (1.7 MB)

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That’s great.

I think I know where I was going wrong.

I made a symbol of the menu and that has it’s own timeline and I was calling the that showMenu as the button is within that symbol.

Onwards and upwards as they say…


Steve Warby