Problem play on mobile and google chrome


I put the animation into a sequence of pictures to show in my project, in order to support the mobile device. There are two questions, please see the following test connection,

animation background in IE and Firfox and Safari are working very well, playing on google chrome has a pause. In addition, my animation can not play on the IOS phone, there will be errors.

Please click the link below to download my project file, the attachment is too large to upload here :slight_smile:!Aogr-8k8vk2LgdAOJIsIqxC_Vy06yQ

Could you help me find why this happen, thanks!

The way this is structured requires a lot of processing power to display: huge images flashing in a sequence. Each image is about 300K and they display for a single frame each. Desktop computers can handle this but it is crashing phones because it is 14MB of image data displaying all at once.

One option is to render your background as a video and use the new Inline video property, which would allow you to still have links over your moving elements.