Problem fullscreen video in responsive on computer

Good morning,

First of all, congratulations for your forum, very useful.

I have a website that has 3 sizes, one for smartphones, one for tablets, another for Mac and PC computers. the website is responsive, it works very well on the 3 media and all scenes; However my problem is this:

when I launch one of the 12 videos on my website in full screen, perfect on iPhone in portrait or landscape mode, the same on iPad, but when I use my computer (with responsive) only the 3rd format from 1024 px works in fullscreen video, but when reducing the window, the video full screen mode freezes on the top of the page. how to resolve this problem ?

here is a link to my site:

the page in question is among other things in the section: drone button, then bottom of the page “vidéos aériennes” ( french ) button click; therefore any video presents the same problem as indicated above.

thanks a lot.


I'm a little unclear on exactly what you are doing and the problem. Would it be possible to post a screen capture using QuickTime Player's 'File > New Screen Recording' that shows you going through your reproduction process?

(If the video file is too big, feel free to put it on a file sharing platform or youtube).

Then I'll be able to better take a look. Thanks!

this video will help you to understand.

thank you

Thanks - I can see the problem in the video. However it looks like you might have changed the page since then. Do you have an older version of the .hype document so I can take a look?