Pro Tip: Backup Your Computer 😄

…and if you are backing up your computer, are you sure your backup works?! :thinking:

My Mac Mini crashed on Groundhog’s Day. Like… really bad! Over the past three days, a lot of time was devoted to recovering lost data. You can read about it here…

My SSD failed and my Time Machine backup didn’t work as expected. It was very tedious, but I managed to get my computer back to normal. I learned some lessons during this crash…

  • I miss Snow Leopard. Heh, this version of Mac OS X seems newer than Sierra.
  • SSDs are scary! Sure, they’re fast. But when they break, they can break suddenly.
  • If you’re pushing your old Mac, while waiting for a new Mac, some preventative maintenance might help you get to your goal. (If I couldn’t recover my Mac Mini, I might be buying an expensive MacBook Pro right now.)
  • Check your backup! Time Machine is great. But it didn’t work as expected. Running Disk Utilities might be a good idea. Multiple backups might be a good idea too.

Hey @jonathan – Maybe Hype should have iCloud support. It could be a good replacement for Dropbox.


Unfortunately is a paid service but it was my solution for the “unlimited” backup.
I use CrashPlan since 2009, the peace in mind :slight_smile:


I have my OS and User folder + programs on an internal SSD and everything else on different disks, external and internal.
Since external SSD’s are pretty cheap I bought 3 of them and filled 2 of them with CarbonCopy clones of my current OS and user folder + programs. On top of that do I run TimeMachine.

Not sure what else to do but keep my fingers crossed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Once lost a HDD with Costumer files. My thought at the time was: “I’ll have time to make a backup later, must work now”.

That was an exspensive and painful experience.

@michelangelo I will have a look at CrashPlan.

The backup online is the right solution, the cost is affordable and it is less than a new disk every two years ( we are talking about a backup only, not sync).
After a couple of months in upload you are safe. You can access to your data from a phone too, very useful and easy to use. As I said, “the peace in mind” :slight_smile: