Print Hype scene on web page works differently with Wordpress plug-in?


I have made a couple of different interactive pages for a couple of friends, both of which are set to print the Hype scene. On this page, the Hype scene is embedded in a Wix page (badly!) but the "Print" button in the Hype scene prints the interactive document (A4) only (as intended):

The print function is "window.print".

However on the other site (which I can't show as it behind a password-protected site), it has been embedded in a Wordpress site using the Hype plug-in however the Print button prints the whole page with other page elements as well.

I'm pretty sure that in the first instance the document is "freestanding" on it's own page and is hosted on another server, whereas the second instance it is an OAM widget as per the plug-in requirements.

I have almost zero knowledge of building web pages but enjoy making Hype "widgets" so I don't know how to help sort out the second scenario and would appreciate help if that's enough information to go on. I've watched the plug-in tutorial so I know there is a setting in the plug-in changing from div to iframe but not sure if that is what will make the difference.

All help is appreciated, thanks.

the iframe-embed will encapsulate your Hype-Doc and window.print should work as expected ... your suggestion is right :slight_smile:

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Great. Thanks so much for that - I will pass it on.