Previous / Next Keyframe buttons

Providing previous/next keyframe buttons would enable quick navigation between keyframes.

For each property:
Left arrow: Previous keyframe in that property
Right arrow: Next keyframe in that property

A ‘special’ Previous / Next arrow (or hot key) that takes you to the previous/next keyframe for an element regardless of what property that keyframe is for. (Perhaps next to the element name in the Timeline list or a dedicated line at the bottom of the property section.)

Inspiration: Final Cut Pro’s ‘Motion’ window keyframe nagivation.

We do have a couple useful keyboard shortcuts for this.

cmd-up and cmd-down moves between keyframes in the element
cmd-shift-up and cmd-shift-down moves between keyframes in the scene

(see next/previous keyframe section)

We don’t yet have a shortcut for next\previous keyframes for a given property. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks Stephen - Good to know :wink: