Preview your Hype banner ads to your client

I know the hassle when sending created banner ads to the customer. I started sending by email, then created a simple page with FTP.

Now I’ve created a new platform for easily doing this, called Adpiler. It lets you create preview pages in a minute, show your Hype (and other) banner ads in a real website, and customers can easily annotate feedback on the ad.

Hopefully this can be helpful for you as well. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know.


Awesome! Do you have documentation on the process of uploading a Hype ad to your platform?
Also, is this something that could be automated (say if Hype hypothetically had hooks at export time)?

Uploading a set of Hype ads are very easy. Just save the Hype ads as a zip-file (we can handle all zip-structures) and upload at Adpiler. Please check for a step by step.

Automating this would be really cool indeed. We don’t have an API yet, but this would be a great use case.

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