Preview specific layout in browser

I’m not using Layouts for responsive purposes, I’m just using them to organize multiple sizes of a campaign in one project file. Is there a way to preview a specific Layout in your browser? Right now Hype only seems to load the entire Scene, and shows whichever size matches the break points.

Drag the width of the browser to the preferred breakpont. if you have a layout at a very narrow breakpoint, make your browser window as narrow as possible then use the zoom keystroke (command =) to force the display of the narrow breakpoint.

If you are using Safari, use Safari’s Preferences > Advanced to enable the Develop menu. This will cause the Develop menu to appear in the menu bar. Select “Enter responsive design mode” and you can click on the various device sizes to instantly jump between breakpoints.

You can do this. Option-clicking on the preview icon or hitting Option-Command-Return will preview the specific scene and selected layout.

If you resize the window after this though it will use which ever layout matches.

The Responsive Design Mode is another good suggestion too :slight_smile:.

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Awesome, I didn’t realize that shortcut existed. Sitting right down there at the bottom of the preview dropdown menu. facepalm Exactly what I needed

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