Prevent animation start on page load


just starting with Hype.

The animation I made starts on page load. How can I set it to not do that? I have it set to start on click.

Ahhh, I need 2 scenes.

  1. one for the state of the object without animation and an action attached to it to jump to the 2nd scene.
  2. the same object as a 2nd scene with the animation. Attach an action to it that starts the timeline “on Click”.

Thanks to everybody for the quick help.

3h waiting time. I wouldn’t be sarcastic as per the comment

We all have other things going on in our lives

Doesn’t really make sense. Why not just add a timeline in scene one. Do your animation in this timeline and then attach a “On Mouse Click” action to your object to start the timeline. No need for a second scene

If you animate in the “Main Timeline” it will also start on load. Unless you add a “Pause Timeline” timeline action.

Reading the documentation might help also.

I did that first. Didn‘t work. Probably my fault, but to be honest, I had expected the interface of Hype to provide a button or something, where you can set “on load” yes or no. So, I was rather astonished about that lacking, since the most common use case is probably not to start an animation on page load, right? What if that thing isn‘t even in the viewport. Although I had read quite a lot of instructions and watched video tutorials, I had the feeling that there is a natural end to what one has to study to just do that simple thing.

So, had to figure it out somehow. Quite frustrating for a beginner. The way I did it now may make no sense, but it seems more obvious to me - and it works. Thats all I want at the beginning. Maybe later I get more curious about the logic of timeline nesting, but not for now.

OK If it works for you then it works.

But, I’m pretty sure you didn’t read the documentation on timelines (link above) otherwise you would have realised that the Main timeline runs on scene load in every scene.

However, if it works it works. But please don’t write a comment like you did about the speedy help as you certainly would not get help from me if you carry on down that route. :wink:

I know, like you said earlier, we all have other things going on in our lives.