Prevent an object rotating in full dynamic mode

(Peter Bright) #1

Is there a way to stop an object rotating in full dynamic mode?
I know it’s not ‘natural’ but I want to ‘drop’ some images into a digital poster and have them stay the right way up.

(Nick ) #2

Best way to do it is not to use the physics but to animate them from the top down and apply Z rotation on them until they hit their mark.
You can add bounce to the timeline stop and start and this works well.

(Peter Bright) #3

Thanks Nick, that will definitely work with my digital poster. :wink:

I would still be interested to see if this can be done.
e.g. Using the ‘Galton Box’ project and adding some ‘text boxes’, I’d like to have the boxes bounce as they drop but stay upright. Again, not ‘natural’ but something I might have used if Hype had the option to fix/adjust the rotation of a ‘dyamic’ object and/or nominate where the ‘center of gravity’ is for the image/ (74.7 KB)

(Nick ) #4

HA! Poor Joe ends up sideways :wink:
Here is a start (11.7 KB)