Preloading is not working

I have an app with multiple scenes (more than 40) and the app is responsive to accommodate for different devices.

Following on Daniel’s (from Tumult) trick to load images, I copy all the images from the other scenes onto the first scene and gave them a scale of 0% to make them invisible, AND unchecked the Preload option.

Yet, on iPhone 6S, several of those images that were supposedly already loaded, are not loading when I open their specific Scene and takes a fraction of a second to actually appear. How can I make sure all elements in a scene are actually loaded before the scene is opened?

Hey Julian – If the app is loading from the device (as opposed to loading a webpage), then I don’t think you will get a benefit from loading all images at once. You should be able to turn off preloading across the board if you’re loading an app where all images + assets are already on the device and downloaded. Loading an image from an app which is already on the device should be quick.

Were you seeing slow loading without this method?

If this is loaded from a server, do you have a sense of the ‘path’ for loading the individual scenes? If you can load the images just before they are needed (instead of only on the first scene) then it may speed things up for you.

Hi DAniel, all images are on the device. They were all preloaded, and I was seeing slow loading without your method, but again, preloading was on. But I thought that was the entire point of preloading, so it would be loaded before you needed it.

Loading an image from a local app should be near-instantaneous. It would be great to see your document.

Preloading an image will download the image from the external location (it could be a web server, it could be from the local device) and load it into memory. So the time being saved is really worth it (in most cases) when you have an image loaded from a web server which would otherwise disrupt the animation.