Preloader and Load Timers

Obviously, large, complex Hype documents can take a long time to load. Harking back to features of Flash and Director, it would be great if it were possible to control loading so that the first scene could run the instant its content has loaded, and then we could control the loading of other content from that point.

Not a new request, I’m sure, but it would be nice if this could be a priority for Hype 4.

This has been a very helpful hint for optimizing large sites for today’s Hype

Good advice. People need to be careful with transparent GIFs to make sure that they do not pick up fringe (PNGS as well - best to use PNG24). If there is a fringe it can be removed in Photoshop Layers>Masks>Remove White Fringe / Remove Black Fringe. GIFs would need to be converted to RGB first.

Control over loading/unloading would open up some impressive frontiers, though. It would obviously take a lot of development.

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Thanks for the request. We’d like to offer more control over resource loading.