Preload Javascripts

I have created a map that has location stars that display text when the user rolls over. It works fine on our machines but the client has an old PC that can not keep up with the scripts. It does not hide the current text when the user rolls onto a new star.

The code is pretty messy and inefficient so I'm going to be reworking it. But in the meantime is there a way to preload all the javascipt and would that make things run more smoothly until I can fix the code.

You can see the map at Fire Sprinkler Saves Interactive Map – Northern Illinois Fire Sprinkler Advisory Board


Foremost, your exported hype_generated_script.js is huge with 8.9MB!

You can do two things… as you are using many regular symbols, and they tend to bloat the exported file as they are sadly not saved as instances give Hype Compressor a go (before deploying it):

Dropping your nifsabfiresprinklersaves20214thquarter_hype_generated_script.js on this compressed it from 8.9MB to 3.6MB, haven't test functionality afterwards, though!

Furthermore, add a loading indicator if you haven't already:

A rewrite could make this thing tiny in comparison, in my opinion.