Preload images logic

My question is may be obsolete, I have already read the documentation but is not clear to me if all images (of all scenes) are preloaded even if the “Preload” flag is not checked.
And if is there a way to limit the numbers of pictures preloaded.

Thank you!

If the Preload box is checked, Hype will download those resources before any scenes are shown.

If the Preload box is not checked, browsers will decide when to download, which is either when the scene is setup before first being shown or when the image is first shown.

You can generally check the developer tools/network tab to verify the behavior.

Thank you Jonathan, and, for example, I plan to have 6 scenes, on each I need to use 6 HD images. Each scene may be 2MB and I would not wait all that download time. What you suggest?

I would just uncheck preloading for them all, but you may also want to explore better compression options (lower jpeg quality values or running pngs through ImageOptim) to reduce download time if they are for immediate display.

Thank you for your prompt replies!