Possible To Create Audio Playlists in Hype?

Hi everyone! I have been using Hype for the past two months and love it. I literally just discovered it two months ago as well so this might have been addressed before, if so I apologize. I am wanting to create a page (scene) where I can link visitors (web or mobile) to see music playlists, stream or download them. As of right now, it seems like an audio source can be brought into the scene only as an auto-play function. I would like to create 9 or 10 song playlists that the user can tap and start streaming song by song, or download the entire playlist if they would like. Is this possible? It would be great if Hype had just a little more option when it comes to multimedia (for us audio/video people), but I do love what I can do with Hype. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Hi Michael!

Something to get You going (your questions are not in my realm of direct experience with Hype).

Below are some links that may address many (all?) of your requests. I found them by searching the Forum using Audio Playlist as my search terms. There are other links within these threads as well (and sometimes related links at the side of a post); and regardless of the subject heading of the post, there is often other ancillary info that could prove useful, so I would at least skim the entire thread.

It would be great if Hype had just a little more option when it comes to multimedia (for us audio/video people),

You aren’t alone in this regard. Look under “Feature Requests” and do a search on the Forum for audio~video related posts (not all feature requests show up in the “Feature Request” category) and “like” the posts that have suggestions that You feel are valuable (adding a “+1” to the thread is not as useful). The more likes there are for a feature request the better the odds it will make it into a future version of Hype.

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Thanks for bringing these great threads together. Oh, the memories…