Possible to change a font in several different text fields at the same time?


Is it possible to replace / change a specific font in an entire document? I mean, without having to go into each and every individual text box and change font.


If you duplicate your text fields with specific font you can also do that. So, create a text field with the font and then duplicate it and/ or change the content. Plus you could select all elements and change the font in the inspector that way.

Or, you could use CSS either in the Head HTML or an external stylesheet.


Many thanks for your kindly and swift reply! Then it is what I thought / feared, unfortunately. I mean, I have a document with eleven pretty big scenes and mixed typography, when my client suddenly wishes to change one font for another. I hoped being able to replace one font for another in the resource bank, or something. But I reckon, as you kindly suggests, css is the smoothest way to solve it at this stage.

Do you think there will be a “font swapping” feature like that in the the upcoming 4.0? It might not be the most sought after feature, but I reckon it would be highly appreciated.


Just assign a CSS-class and use the font-family. Might need a !important keyword.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

This won’t be for v4, but the notion of a Hype style class with changeable attributes is something that’s on our radar. Specific font swapping is also an interesting idea!


Great to read! I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for your response!