Possible memory leak in HypeThumbnailGenerator

I am currently working with a large Hype project (~1.5G hype file). I was checking memory usage today and noticed that a process named HypeThumbnailGenerator was consuming over 7G. I doubt thats a normal situation. Restarting Hype clears it, but then it starts growing over time. I'll try to monitor it to see what kind of growth rate occurs. I have several hundred scenes currently in this project and expect several hundred more. I know I'm pushing the boundaries, and would be happy for any clues for managing such large projects. Happy to be a guinea pig for potential fixes/patches.

It would be great to get an idea of what's consuming memory -- Could you please submit an issue from within Hype, using Help > Report an Issue? And if you could include a Dropbox link to your project that would be great. To do so privately, you send me a private message, or email support@tumult.com.

If you have videos that are pushing the file size of your Hype document to these great heights, I recommend referencing them externally instead of putting them all inside of your Hype document. This should make exporting much snappier too!

Will submit an issue. Will send a dropbox link privately. Thanks for the tip about video references, there are a pile of them!

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Sent. This is only designed to work on Chrome and Safari

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Thanks - we got the document and will look into it.