📊 Poll — Hype Game Development Competition

If there was a Tumult Hype game development competition, would you enter?

  • Yes
  • No
  • :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’d certainly give this a go :+1:

Am I allowed entry? :rofl:


Only if you share the source file afterwards :rofl:

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what about one idea for a game and the competition would be the implementation :slight_smile:


Totally. And I’ll add early access to Hype Export Magic to the price.

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Yer but you got a head start… :grin:

And limit external Libries .?

I’d like something that is very hypefocused … :slight_smile:

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a price? :wink:

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It would be interesting to see how the same big picture item is tackled by different folks. If not a specific idea, perhaps a general realm or "prompt" would also be good? I'd think at least having certain constraints would be useful like requirements on the maximum amount of JavaScript and max/mins in relation to total scenes or timelines. Probably no HTML Widget usage either :slight_smile:.


I sign up but it is not worth with javascript trap … I prefer of all without code it is very good to look for the tricks and physical secrets
organization … is authentic creative.

restricting code somehow! YES

trap :wink:

Limiting code would open it up to some non-coding hype fans.


I’d certainly give this a go

I think it would be fun. I could polish off my physics based Plinko game I did a while back. Pretty sure that was no code, but mobile only.

When are we doing this? …

I’m ready…

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Poll closes in 15 days, wasn't planning to discuss anything right now.

And frankly, this was more to inspire Tumult to throw a competition.

...but if they don't want to do it, and the enthusiasm is strong, I might throw a game development competition. Surprisingly, I couldn't find the previous game competitions hosted at Photics.com. I did find this though...


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