📊 Poll — Hype Game Development Competition

You bet!

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I'd be happy to help sponsor it (I guess this disqualifies us from entering :wink: ) but would be happy for someone else to actually run it!


I'm out.

After today's WWDC, I'm going to be too busy with Widgets/Apparatuses to take on a project like this. Also, I think Tumult is probably the best to do this. But if someone else want to run it, look at that, Tumult wants to sponsor. That sounds like progress towards a game competition, which was the main objective of the thread.

And if you need a theme, 1980s retro looks nice — everything from neon effects to pixelated artwork. It narrows the possibility while still leaving plenty of room for creative freedom.

...and even modern stuff can have a retro flare...

I'm thinking about getting back in. (It seems no one is eager to host this kind of thing. More people want to enter the competition than run the competition. HA HA!) One of the big problems was where to host the games. I think a YouTube video by @darren_pearson solves that problem.

Seems like the rules would be simple. Here's a general idea of how it could be...

  • You upload your game to GitHub as a "gh-pages" branch
  • There would be an official Tumult thread for letting people know about your game. (The game would have to meet certain requirements, based on competition guidelines.)
  • The winner could be determined by a public forum poll. (No spamming, people without a post history would not count.)

Wow, that's pretty easy. I think I might be able to manage that. (I made significant progress with the Dictionary widget, and there should be an update to the app soon-ish, but I've been feeling really down lately. Maybe a project like this would cheer me up.)

Well, I'm not doing anything until the poll closes. I can think about this again after that.


Bah, I hit a wall with this idea.

I'm not sure GitHub is a great idea, as that makes it very easy to download the files. You only have to navigate to the "gh-branch" and download the files.

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How is that different than any other web page really though?

GitHub makes it way easier. Personally, I don't like the idea of forking my games. I figured that many others would feel the same way.


After thinking about this for a long time... a long LONG time... I decided that a competition is not something that I want to do. It seems both Tumult and Photics have had issues with running a competition. So, something more fun was planned... "Year of Fun" 🕹

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