Polite Mode when exporting for DCM (Campaign Manager)


Polite Loading is applied when exporting for Google Studio.

  1. Does the same apply when exporting for Campaign Manager? (DCM)

  2. Can Polite Loading be ticket on/off somewhere within the Hype interface?

Thank you for this awesome software :blush:

For DCM, I’m not seeing a ‘polite’ method, but I do see a way to upload a ‘polite image’ alongside your ad: https://support.google.com/richmedia/answer/6279526?hl=en

Polite load file

Upload a polite load image so that you have something to show if there are delays loading your primary HTML5 asset in a browser.

When your creative is delivered, the polite load asset loads first before each impression, followed by your primary asset. This way, if the user’s browser experiences a delay loading your primary asset, the polite load image will be there until everything else finishes loading. We recommend that your polite load asset matches the first frame of your asset so users don’t experience any interruption between the two assets loading.

  • File type: Add an image file that is under 40 KB. It can be the same asset as your backup image. If you upload multiple image files, choose the one you want in the Polite load file menu.
  • Dimensions: The polite load image dimensions should match your backup image dimensions.

You could change this line:

		function init() {
			// Polite loading
			if (Enabler.isVisible()) {
			} else {
				Enabler.addEventListener(studio.events.StudioEvent.VISIBLE, show);

To just:

		function init() {

(Those lines are here: https://github.com/tumult/hype-export-scripts/blob/master/DoubleClickStudio/DoubleClick%20Studio.hype-export.py#L49-L56 )

Hope that helps!