PNG on IE 8 - 9 - 10


i have issue when i display my hype file on i.e…

it is contain multiple PNGs some of them static with any kind of transforming and others with opacity transforming from 0 to 100

it is working fine with all browsers except IE 8 - 9 - 10. the PNGs with transforming is not appearing at all
but the other group which don’t contain effects working fine

any idea how can i solve this issue.


a screenshot to the issue? a link to see the behavior?
BTW: IE 8-9-10 are under 1%, obsolete browsers

yes i know but it is required to my client.

please find attached the hype file because i didn’t upload it yet

regards (262 KB)

HI, at this time I’m not able to test the project on a real IE8
however you can…

1: in your resources a png file is rename as JPG, make sure to check all extensions
agoda_txt_en.jpg would be agoda_txt_en.png

2: use this versions (optimized) without blank space around the graphic.
BTW: you must update size and position of this file

3: Check all browser warnings …and send this image to your customer :slight_smile:

4: Avoid overlapping of elementws with PNG in the project ( graphics and buttons) and try again

BTW: try this simulator

thanks i solve it…it should be a symbol .
but i am facing another issue. is there any way to make one symbol cross all scenes??

Persistent symbols might be your ticket…

And scroll down a bit farther on this linked page for info on configuring persistent symbols.

Through a symbol the same cast works properly?