Pluto Flyby infographic in


A great new animation came through our support email that I’d like to share:

A couple more at Tagesschau as well:

(Moreno) #2

Nice informative infographics

(Hans-Gerd Claßen) #3

team germany :wink:

(arg) #4

the solar system infographics is really cool but I have a question to ask: are those planet decorations can be done in hype or other softwares were also used?

(Mark Hunte) #5

All the Planets look like svg files added to Hype.

(Kalle) #6

Hei, sorry, but I just now recognized that there´s a (small :wink:) discussion about our infographic. Yes, that´s right. Most of the images are SVGs. More complex graphics (like maps for example) are PNGs. We prefer using svg, because there is also a mobile version available (same URL) and SVG makes it easy to scale graphics (and now, that you can scale groups, symbols… just a dream!!! :grinning: