Please Help Project Project WAY PASS DUE!

Hey guys. so i working on a parallax project and it including 4 full screen video clips. when i animate slide one up out of view and the second into view int works perfect from within hype but when i preview it in a browser the slide doesn’t move past the view and the second slide cuts into the middle of it… the scaling setting for both slides are identical and I’m clueless to why this is accusing

attached below is a link to the project file… This project is past due with my client at this point. any help would be great appreciated!10213&authkey=!AD6NrGwxMrQqx64&ithint=file%2Czip

Hi Jonathan,

Are you able to put that on dropbox?. Really do not want to join Microsoft Onedrive…!

This is because of the effect that your pinning / scaling settings are having on your document. The edges of your document define the size of your videos, so if your browser is not the same height and width ratio of your scene, the elements will not perfectly match up when previewed.

I think you’re going to need to either change the distance that your video travels or remove scaling on the video. This technique might work better for you: Proportionally scaling a Tumult Hype document based on the browser width

@Daniel i tried editing the code with the edit suggested and it made it show completely blank in the browser. attached is the latest version of the file


Ive also tried a completely different approach instead of motion paths i try fading video in and out of view… and non of the videos display when loaded to server just the one still image in the project. attached below is the second version