Please change the rotation angle wheel to stepper ( or both )

A real wish of mine is if the Rotation wheels for angles where actually not wheels.
In all honesty I hate them, they are such a pain to use.

It is like when you wear certain shoes and you get static shock from things all day.
You start to get twitchy every time you’re about to touch something that you have to touch but know 90% that you are likely to get shocked again.

Every time I touch these wheels. I know that on the first touch down of the mouse the angle is going to jump to some stupid number. Then when I finally wrestle control I have to play like being a surgeon with shaky hands to get the number to go where I want it. I know we can enter a number in the field but most time I do not know what that number is and want to watch the element change live.

Can we please, please change them to steppers.
I know part of the issue is that a wheel allows us to go from 0 to -/+ thousands and to not just to 360 but we could also get there with a stepper that allows a single click with a single digit increase as well as a hold down click that jumps in larger magnitudes.

This way we have fine control and large number jumps with control.

Examples of what I mean:

increments of 1 and 90 (probably too extreme)

increments of 1 and 10 (works better)


I totally agree with Mark’s request!


Thanks for the request, I feel the pain!


Check out how they do it in After effects. They have a wheel that behaves as expected plus you can drag right or left over the number to increase or decrease (plus hold down Option to increase the rate – x5, as I recall). Dragging is much more facile than arrow buttons.

I would personally prefer steppers as I have described. You can actually drag left and right on the wheel but it is not user friendly and lacks control.

With AE you can actually drag the numbers as well as the wheel. You can do this with any numbers in the UI. I never use the wheel as the alternative is much faster and more precise. While the numbers are selected you can also type them in or use the up / down keys as steppers.

yep, it’s an Adobe thing (LightRoom has it too).

I actually came here looking for something else but had just been struggling with the dials and want to give a +1 for this suggestion.

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