Please, Can anyone Help with solving this... - Thanks

Please Help!! :slight_smile: Game 2 answers now do not show… & I can’t think what I did that made it stop working properly.

On Game 2 (Scene 2) Answers are NOT showing when clicking on any number from 1-5

I’ve looked for missing ID Names, but couldnt find any, maybe I’ve been looking so long I cant see it!!!

Any help/feedback greatly appreciated

Is there something wrong with my logic coding, or have I miss-named an id.

Thank you for any help and solution.

Mark (454.4 KB)

Hi @themark

WOW. That is a very confusing document :slight_smile: That’s a lot of code to look through plus it’s not very logical to another coder. Perhaps more comments and a little bit of cleaning up. :wink:

However, that being said. You have a couple of errors that are halting progress on scene 2. Check your browser’s console for the errors. It refers to a null value for a variable or two. In other words it’s not getting a value from a particular variable as it’s not being updated on this scene. It might be something to do with the amount of questions / answers. As in scene 1 you have 8 and scene 2 only five. It’s looking for the other 3.

Apart from that I can’t really help much as it’s quite confusing to go through the code and find out where everything sits.

Thank you so much for taking a look at it, yes it’s my first time creating something in hype…
and using javascript, I really should get into the habit of using comments… lol :slight_smile:

I will take a look at the browsers console

If anyone else has any ideas, please let me know…