Playing videos in the background of scenes

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to Hype so my apologies if this has been answered already! I had a look through the forums and couldn’t find anything similar.
I’m trying to create a prototype that has a constant background video. I’m trying to simulate a TV app where there’s a TV show in the background, and then a top layer that’s different selectable elements and you arrow key through their hover states. I can do this easily with a plain background, as you can’t realise that they’re linked by difference scenes, but once I add a video it restarts every time a new scene loads while I navigate through.

Basically, I need a video to play continuously in the background while I’m moving through scenes without restarting every time, is this possible?


(Edit: There is a known issue with Videos resetting when loaded as a persistent symbol so the below solution won’t work at the moment)

You could add video to your scene and make it a persistent symbol to ensure that it always stays on the scene even during scene changes:

Or, you could build your video outside of Hype, and make sure your Hype document has “Make background transparent” checked.

Thanks for replying so quickly!

I tried to make the video a persistent symbol but it restarts on every scene, is there a way to just keep it playing as I flick through scenes?

I’ll just have to build it outside of Hype like you said if not.
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Ashleigh, I know it’s a year and half later but did you ever crack this issue? I’m having trouble with something similar