Playing Scenes in reverse

I need urgent assistance.
I’ve created a document with multiple scenes, one is meant to be played in reverse (as was far easier setting up that way), it includes animated symbols used multiple times in the scene. I cannot get the scene to play in reverse, and it won’t make sense in the scene sequence unless played in reverse, any help greatly appreciated!

You animations play on timelines.

Use the On load in the Scene inspector.

Add a Start timeline , [select the timeline ] , play in reverse.

You may need to do this more than once depending on how many timelines you have.

Thanks Mark, will try that this eve. I had tried using the ‘play in reverse’ feature using a timeline marker (forgotten name) in previous scene , e.g. actions listed as something like: play next scene scene, play specific timeline, play in reverse’ (don’t have app here so forgive incorrect naming).
Only got one shot before I display the work tomorrow, so hope your fix works! Any other suggestions welcome, in case it doesn’t.
Thanks again.


The problem with doing it how you tried is it will try and do it on the current scene not the one you are trying to transition to.

So it is best to put it on the scenes on load that you want to play in reverse.

Hi Mark

Just an update, your solution above – whilst very practical – for some reason didn’t work for me. I understood it and tried it many times. I was short on time and so ended up recreating the scene – in the reverse s I should have done from the beginning!

Thanks again for the assistance.