Playing around with a multi slider idea

Maybe helpful to somebody or someone can improve on it. I wasn't really sure where I was going with this to begin with. Probably not the best content* for the concept. (633,4 KB)

Updated version with an advanced custom continue after drag: (634,7 KB)



Very, very interesting idea, @MaxZieb!
If you please, as you people taught me very well in this forum about the sliders issue, I have made some improvements:

The improvements are related to the ball and the mouse cursor moving stick together.

  1. All keyframes must be placed on Linear;
  2. Because of that @jonathan had said in some topic, 100 pixels equals 1 second. If your workspace is 620 px wide, this means that the action in the timeline should be 6 seconds and 6 frames long (mathematicians will say better);
  3. When you do this, you will not need to set the speed at the trigger to be 80%.

Correct me if I'm wrong! (553.9 КБ)

Thank you!

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↑ look at project
v2 added a custom continue after drag

I took your feedback and added some more bells and whistles. Linked in first post.