Play widget in iBooks Author with a button

I’ve created a html widget for iBook. I’ve put it on the page in iBooks Author and set to play in full screen. I don’t want the widget thumbnail on the page but I would like to have a button on the page with an action to open and play the video. Can this be done? thanks

A little workaroundsy, but how about this:
-) Create a new scene in hype which contains a full screen button. This scene is the first scene of the hype project.
-) Set “on scene load” of this new scene to “jump to scene -> next scene”
-) Export your widget and include it in iBooks author.
-) Remove title, caption, background and position on page. The button of your first scene will be shown. Set to “play full-screen”.
-) When you click on the button (you’re actually clicking the widget, but your fullscreen button on the first scene looks like a button), ibooks will play the widget full-screen. The on scene load we set will immediately load the second scene - your actual content. (32.1 KB) (336.1 KB)


That’s so great! Thanks so much!