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Hello Tumult and Hypers,

this morning I read a conversion article for Online Ads and Online Audio Ads (a new thing coming for all over, not Spotify or Soundcloud anymore).
The article wrote about Ads being loaded and played outside of their viewport. And thus when a browser user scrolls down most of the ad content will have finished their animation. Meaning less conversionrate. Still images don’t trigger as mutch as the first 3 seconds of animating the right content.

I would like to see a snippit added or an extra function in Tumult where one can choose to start the Timeline if the document is in a given a set percentage on the viewport. For instance 25% of the ad scrolls on screen, this will trigger the if statement to run the timeline.

I know how I could write it as a js function. only I ain’t a great coder. I’m more of a Deoder (Design orientated coder) and that doesn’t sound right.

so a bit of help would be apreciated for the Hype-Advertisement community.

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Hi Dennis!

The following Forum thread might meet your criterium… specifically the “IntersectionObserver”.

Not quite. Even the On Enter Viewport Action in Hype is not doing the expected effect.

Picture the following situation in which the document must check when to start playing its timeline:

  • The Hype-Document itself will be exported a frame on itself.
  • Uploaded to an Adserver. There it will be bathed into a series of iframes
  • Thereafter pushed forward to a media-agency that injects the hype-document, with its Adserver-iframes, once again into more iframes
  • From there it continues to a campaign-manager system. Once again injected in a bath of iframes.
  • From there it gets pushed online to every booked websites. Yes, you guessed it right. Again a bath of iframes.

So this function in the Hype-Document must detect when it is in the viewport and start its timeline.

I think it is simply done. But not for me with the build in functions atm.

Oh! One of those… “riddles, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” set-ups. :roll_eyes:

Based on my readings on this Forum: “Banner Ad” creation seems to have a masochistic aspect to it. Neh?

Sorry JimScott,

do not want to confuse or irritate. Only most online Ads are injected 8 to 9 levels deep. See the screenshot and count the rows of divs below.


Not at all I keep learning!

Buried this deep - how would You ever hope to have any control (web page response) over what happens to your ads? …which was the point to your question… but would seem to be out of Hype’s “programming horizon” entirely - wouldn’t the web site’s “content creator~author~designer” have the greatest influence over Hype’s export files?

I’d guess those Iframes are well sandboxed … so you’ll rely on your add distributiors own code to achieve something like this

Can’t a clever event listener swim to the surface and see when an online Ad is actively scrolled into a viewport?

I’d suggest the abilities to reach the iFrames parents from inside are restricted. otherwise your ad could change the content of the page it’s displayed in … :slight_smile: so my hint: check your add distributers API

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Would that be so wrong? :slight_smile:

(I don’t want to curtail future discussion about workarounds, but I will say this has been added as a +1 to our bug tracker on viewport actions not acting as expected in iframes).


All I wanted to read.