Play Reverse jumps to start of timeline

(Peter Bright) #1

Hi All,

I have a simple interactive which has a “Reverse” button to reverse the playback in the timeline. However when I press the button it jumps back to the start of the timeline instead of playing backwards from the current position in the timeline. What am I doing wrong?
(click “Proceed” button to view interactive.)

MRI sequence (2.2 MB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

This is a bug in timeline reversal (amazingly I could not find any other reports until now). This is filed on the list to fix. The workaround is to drag the “visible” keyframe to be right next to the “hidden” keyframe, or such that they are stacking.

(Peter Bright) #3

Thanks Jonathan, I’ll give that a go. Appreciate your help :wink:

(Peter Bright) #4

It’s working :wink:
(Note: Buttons rearranged.)

Is this what you meant?

MRI sequence demo (2.2 MB)

(Jonathan Deutsch) #5

That works too! (I meant more like move one keyframe on top of the other, but this has the same basic result). I fixed this for 3.5.2, so you won’t need to do this for any future documents. 3.5.2 just got approved by Apple so we’ll release it soon.

(Peter Bright) #6

(I meant more like move one keyframe on top of the other…)
Aha! Thanks Jonathan, glad it’s fixed in 3.5.2 :wink: